Contributor Post: A holistic look at Trump’s three immigration E.O.s

The executive order which POTUS signed on January 27th restricts immigration from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. It affects travelers on all types of visas (other than diplomatic and UN ones) and refugees. On January 25th, POTUS also signed an executive order aimed at strengthening border security and immigration enforcement.


These executive orders, designed to curb the migration to the U.S. of “undesirable” (dangerous or unauthorized) immigrants and refugees, represent a piece meal approach to a global social problem and does not take into consideration the complexity of issues involved in this worldwide phenomenon of migration or its unintended consequences. The following are some of the important points, other than the legal/constitutional or moral arguments already described in other editorials, that make these measures objectionable. Continue reading “Contributor Post: A holistic look at Trump’s three immigration E.O.s”