Trump signed E.O., “White House Initiative to Promote Excellence and Innovation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities”

This executive order moves the White House initiative created by Obama from the Department of Education to the Executive Office of the President.


At the end of this executive order, there is a revocation of the Executive Order 13532 signed by Barack Obama on February 26, 2010, entitled “Promoting Excellence, Innovation, and Sustainability at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” It makes sense to look at the Trump order in context of how it was already set up under the Obama administration.

In Obama’s executive order, the White House Initiative on HBCUs was directed to track progress and report on funding for HBCUs. It also defined the scope of the Presidential Board of Advisors to consist of 25 leaders chosen by the President.

This executive order signed by Trump uses the same language as the Obama order with some significant changes: (1) the location of the Initiative, and (2) an increased emphasis on private funding sources.  Continue reading “Trump signed E.O., “White House Initiative to Promote Excellence and Innovation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities””

OMB recommends nullifying DOL, DOI, and DOE final rules

The Office of Management and Budget has issued a statement disapproving four final regulations published as early as August 1, 2016. This takes the form of a House resolution (cited H.J. Res.) to nullify the regulations, and if passed by both chambers of Congress, the rules will be repealed.

H.J. Res. 42 would nullify the Employment and Training Administration’s Federal-State Unemployment Compensation Program; Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 Provision on Establishing Appropriate Occupations for Drug Testing of Unemployment Compensation Applicants 81 Fed. Reg. 50298 (August 1, 2016, effective September 30, 2016), promulgated by the Department of Labor. For context, the rule states: Continue reading “OMB recommends nullifying DOL, DOI, and DOE final rules”

Trump proclaims 1/22-1/28 of 2017 as “National School Choice Week”

Trump is calling for a week-long national observance regarding the “school choice” movement.

The President has the authority to call for national observances under 1 C.F.R. § 19.4. Procedurally, the President must submit 60 days before the date of observation to the Director of OMB. This proclamation was released four days after the first date of observation. Notwithstanding,  National School Choice week has been in full swing since 2011.

What is School Choice?

At the New York Times, Kevin Carey describes the two types of “market-based” school reforms which build the “school choice” platform: voucher programs and charter schools. Continue reading “Trump proclaims 1/22-1/28 of 2017 as “National School Choice Week””